June 06, 2008

Catch Up

We haven't taken alot of pictures lately, but here is a picture of Sam and I at a Memorial Day BBQ. He is thoroughly enjoying the frosting off the cupcakes.

In other news, I got a life!! I signed up for an esthetics's program and I couldn't be more excited! I start July 7th and will finish in early December. I'm going to need lots of volunteers while I'm at school so if you are willing to get pampered at a discount price. . . let me know!


Alex Thomas said...

I'm in! Thanks again for helping us out with our apartment Bobby.

Angie said...

Me! Me! Ooooh, pick ME!

Youngquist Family said...

That's awesome that you're starting a program. Then you can give us all make overs when you come home, right? See you in a few days!