May 18, 2008


It has been a while since a real post- forgive me. I was waiting for pictures from my Utah trip and dinner cruise, which was about a month ago. . .but in the mean time we have been busy.

We had to say 'see you later' to our friends Erin, Dave, and little RoyBoy. What better way to salute them than a good ole' fashioned bbq?

Unfortunately the guys were better at doing robot voices (which if you weren't aware, is the ONLY way to play MadGab) and they kicked our bootays.

With more free time lately, I have been trying to attack my 'to do' list. What you see above is my very first finished sewing projects. I have multiple ones in the works (some have been that way for years), but this is my fist FINISHED one! Actually, not really. It's a name garland for a crib, and it is supposed to be connected with ribbon, but I'm going to let my sister do that since she has the crib and will know how far apart to place them.

I have a feeling that I'm going to look back on these in a couple days and realize that they probably don't look as cute as I think they do. But to give myself due credit, this was my first time and I designed everything by hand- including the stencil for the letters! I'm going to live it up while I still can!

I know, FOOD SHOT! Get used to it- I live in Chicago. This is one of my best finds- Angela's. It is such a hole-in-the-wall and cheap, too! We had to stop here to fuel up for a big day out.

Found this lovely sight of spring on our way to the nature conservatory! Hallelujah!

This is the view from the conservatory. I will have to take another picture on a clearer day because this does not do the skyline justice. And this empty space in back of us is usually filled with all kinds of flowers and greenery.

After walking around the zoo for hours in high heels, my feet were killing me. All I wanted to do was get a piggyback ride to the bus stop. Until I saw these lovely boat rentals for only $12!! I couldn't resist.

We made Austin ride in the back while we peddled until he started joking around and rocking the boat. Then I figured better safe than sorry and let him take my spot up front.

It was the perfect ending to a fun day out and about. I will have much more to post as Austin is leaving in a couple weeks and we need to do all the Chicago things we have been putting off before he goes!


4Slyce said...

chicago is amazing. yeah, that last picture, the hancock building... yeah, there's a swimming pool on the 41st floor... oh yeah, i've swam in it...

The Linthorsts said...

Bobby, that crib banner is awesome! You are really talented! Glad to see all is well!

Youngquist Family said...

What did you say? Austin is soon? You're getting much practice as being mother hen. Speaking of which the letters are so cute. Jenny is quite lucky. I'm glad you put the close up picture b/c at first I couldn't see the sewing. Jennie

Alexandra Thomas said...

Wow you are very productive with your "free" time. I love the quilting thing and I can't believe that you went out on a little boat on the lake. How fun is that?!