May 04, 2008

Biking in the Buff

I can't decide if my lack of a picture is fortunate or unfortunate, but bare with me. This evening Taft, Austin and I decided to go for a stroll since it stopped raining. Right after we walked out of our building we noticed that some people on the sidewalk were pointing up at a building across the street and laughing. At first we didn't understand what was going on, but then we spotted the naked rear end of a man on his stationary bike. The floor-to-ceiling windows in his apartment allowed for quite a show. His bike was placed perfectly- nothing too graphic, just some cheekage. This causes me to question: Mentally insane? Drunk? Both? I have to think it was on purpose. Too bad I loved my neighborhood so much because I think I need to move now.


Angie said...

That CAN'T have been comfortable! I mean, they make bike shorts with built-in padding for a reason. Ewww.

Lindsay Ross said...

maybe he was proud of his newly sculpted cheeks and didnt have anyone to show off to. you never know.