March 15, 2008

This Post is PG-13

I don't want any kids reading this post. But just in case one does, just know that Taft was just a Sant Subsitute. That's all. I just got these pictures from Christmas- hence the three month delay. But I wanted to show everyone our crafty scheme. Let me explain. We wanted to make sure my nieces (the ones pictured below) got a good look at Santa delivering their presents. As soon as we tucked them in bed, we ran around my parent's house looking for anything that would pass as a Santa suite from a dark bedroom window. This is the best we could come up with in the short time before they actually fell asleep.

Lets see, we have a garbage bag full of trash for the toys, just your average fleece throw as his cape, that's blanket batting for his beard and hair, pillows for his belly, and last but not least, his cap is a red velvet diaper cover up (whatever they are called, it matches one of their Christmas dresses. . .you ladies know what I'm talking about). You may think this is pretty ghetto fabulous, but it worked. I stayed behind the bush with some bells while Taft walked across the backyard yelling, "ho ho ho, Merry Christmas," and "Come on, Rudolph!"

Elise was pretty fascinated/horrified, and Claire was ecstatic. It was as much fun for us and I think it will become an annual tradition. Maybe we'll splurge on a better costume.

And this is just from Christmas morning. All I can say is that they have a strong connection. I think it's because she is the first grandkid that Taft has been with since she was born.

count down. . .can you blame me?

I'm heading out to Utah in April and I couldn't be more excited. I don't even know why I'm blogging about this when I have a good month before I'm even leaving, but I can't help myself. I sit at the computer drooling over cute faces and in my best baby voice, telling them I'm going to eat their cheeks. Pathetic, I know. If this makes you uncomfortable, imagine how the boys feel watching me do it.
This girl kills me. She is the only kid I know that has ever made Taft baby hungry. . . and that is hard to do.

P.S. If any of my other sibling should happen to stumble upon this blog-
a. That's weird because I've never really mentioned it to you
b. I know what you're thinking. Stop being jealous that I post Jenny's kids. She is the only one that sends me pics so it's really your fault if you think about it.
and c. Jenny doesn't have a blog so I like to toot her horn for her.

ewshabooshabooshaboo. . . that means something about her cheeks. I don't even know for sure.