October 27, 2009

Good grief am i a slacker on this blog. It's been a hell of a week, and I reserve the right to use that word because yesterday was harder than labor pains. only emotionally. jude caught a little cold a couple of weeks ago so he was back next to our bed, and often in our bed (i love me some family bed sharing after 5 a.m.). then last week we had visitors for a few nights. I love having visitors, i just feel stressed to keep jude quiet. thus, any squeak i hear get some milk action, you know? before i know it, jude thinks he can wake up every 45 minutes expecting to be rocked constantly and never put down. what happened to the little angel that was sleeping 7 hours a night???

thus, yesterday began our sleep training regimen. "cry it out" as they call it. more like "rip it out," as in my heart. taft wouldn't let me start it when he was home, so i waited for judes first nap while taft was at work. the book says to only let them cry for an hour. i can do an hour, i hoped, as long as it works. if it works once, i can have faith in this barbaric method.

51 minutes. that's how long i sat there listening to screams. and then silence. . . for 20 minutes. dambnabit. all that work for a 20 minute nap?

40 minutes for the afternoon nap, then 25 minutes of silence.

15 minutes this morning, and 30 minutes of nap.

ladies, whats the deal? will these naps start to get longer? do i need to let him cry more when he first wakes up from the nap to see if he'll go back to sleep? when i go and get him he sleeps 2 hours on me. help.

p.s. will post some pictures after this depressing post.