June 23, 2008

Things we did for our anniversary

1. Taft tried to take me to a fancy restaurant but after we sat down and I looked at the menu, I asked him to take me somewhere else and he was nice enough to just walk out and not even give it a second thought. We ended up going out for Thai :).
2. Saturday we helped Nick and Kristin move, then raced over to the matinee showing of 'Jersey Boys' where we sat front and center. We found out there is a reason they sell those tickets for $25.oo. The stage was two feet in front of us and went two feet taller than us. We decided to make the best of it, sat back and tried to have really good posture. We were actually able to see most of the action and it wasn't a big deal because most of the play consists of the boys standing at the front of the stage singing. We really liked it, but be warned, it was not the family play we thought it was going to be. They dropped the F-Bomb like 15 times!
3. My favorite part of the weekend is the above picture. On our way home from the play we discovered this little lemonade stand at the 'Viagra Triangle' park right by our house. (it is called this because all of the bars and restaurants consist of men my dads age with their girlfriends that are my age. . .ewwww!). Anyways, this lemonade stand has the most AMAZING frozen lemonade. Not like the stuff that burns your throat. Homemade, perfectly mixed lemonade. Worth all 500 pennies.

4. Sunday we went to a 'Swedish festival' in Andersonville. It was fun, but I was hoping it would be a little more Swedish. Hence, Taft eating a Greek shish kabob and some impostor lemonade.

5. Sunday night, Taft and I went a really fun western mystery party. The host actually wrote it and is trying to get it published. It was the best mystery party I have been too, I was really impressed!

6. We were happy to postpone our anniversary for the weekend to have some time showing these guys around Chicago. My cousin Marion and her husband came and we were lucky enough to get them 'Wicked' tickets and enjoy their boys for a few hours.

June 09, 2008

Mini Cupcakes. . .that I stole

I had been looking for a reason to make these cuties and primary was the perfect excuse. I saw them on a couple of different blogs, and the originator was recently featured on Martha. I will give you the link, but before I do, know that mine really don't compare to hers, and I realize that. If I was as talented as she was, I would have a much more exciting blog and be on Martha myself.

The outside is is covered in almond bark and white chocolate, and the inside is a red velvet cake mixed with cream cheese frosting. I won't give you all the details because she does a much better job- and has much better pictures.

If you do try these, hopefully you will have someone to help you with the dipping part. I thought it went ten times easier once I had Taft's help. It takes a lot of hands to dip and then get all the accessories on before the chocolate hardens.

And last but not least, the reason I know you are all still reading this entry. . . http://bakerella.blogspot.com/2008/05/cupcake-bites-made-easy.html

This will take you to the direct entry, but I do recommend bookmarking her blog, I love it!!

June 06, 2008

Catch Up

We haven't taken alot of pictures lately, but here is a picture of Sam and I at a Memorial Day BBQ. He is thoroughly enjoying the frosting off the cupcakes.

In other news, I got a life!! I signed up for an esthetics's program and I couldn't be more excited! I start July 7th and will finish in early December. I'm going to need lots of volunteers while I'm at school so if you are willing to get pampered at a discount price. . . let me know!