February 24, 2008

A little Feb Recap

Since Taft's birthday and Valentines Day are right next to each other I usually like to just take charge and plan everything. So Friday we just rolled all the celebrations into one massive, delicious, gorge fest at the melting pot. Here is Taft with his beloved lobster tail that he still talks about. Yes, we splurged the extra ten bucks to throw that sucker on the platter. I thought it was pretty good, but it was definitely more about the experience.

After I couldn't fathom another bite during the meat course, they brought out our dessert course. Obviously the dessert section of our stomachs were empty so I thought we could combine forces and conquer. That was until they brought out Taft's 'birthday' dessert, leaving me alone with this feast fit for five. It seemed that as he started to pick away at his martini glass full of fun, I looked down to see an almost empty plate. Where did those delightful bite size marshmallows, brownies, and assorted fruits go? Where did these crumbs come from? While you are busy coming to your own conclusions, notice that there are no pictures of me. I will spare you.

Hey Jude

Maybe I think this is extra cute because I just watched 'Across The Universe' but it just brings a smile to my face everytime I watch it. Need I point out his diaper? This makes me think of you, Lindsay. . . You know why.

February 11, 2008

Ode to Taft

Friday marks the big 25 for Taft and he has come a long way since this video. He barely ever cries, and only occasionally tattles. But in all honesty, he is the love of my life and my very best friend. I wish I could give him the world for his birthday, but he will have to settle for dinner with me. Happy Birthday, Taft! I love you more than you know!