February 05, 2009

Where to Begin?!

It has been a fabulous start to February! After a fantastic shower for Shana, we met up with Erin and Dave to complete a life long dream for the guys... A wing fest. Taft and I discovered 'House of Wing' last year and have been loyal patrons ever since. We knew we had to introduce Dave and are we ever glad we did. Who else would have been up to this challenge?
The party platter. It was a little daunting when Erin and I opened it, but I think we fared pretty well.
This picture is disgusting and I obviously have no shame because I am posting it. This is the COMMUNITY bone plate. Don't go getting any ideas that my appetite is back with that kind of vengence. Even with our buffalo wing hangover we managed to make it to church on time.

Ahhh, Quiltology, how I love thee. A million thanks to Mo for introducing me to this mecca. It is the cutest little fabric shop and the owner, Collete, could not be nicer. After I took Erin and Alex here, we knew we needed to get involved.

So we signed up for the next quilting class and had our first one on Tuesday night! We were so excited and it was a blast. I'm so glad I have a friend to take it with me. There is just something about the first day of school, or class, that is a little intimidating!

Erin will have to post a picture of her quilt when she is done. Her fabric is GORGEOUS and her quilt is going to be awesome. Mine. . .well I went for a kid quilt, the fabrics are a little more loud and not as matchy, so until I can see the finished product, the verdict is still out.

Erin was a master cutter. She went for 2 at a time! She was the only brave soul in the class to try it and she did great. . . I was jealous. . .
For the most exciting part of my week. . .

This little lady just decided to have a baby! And that stinkin' baby couldn't be any stinkin' cuter if she tried. I'm serious. You all know in your head that sometimes newborns can come out a little funky looking, and you're like, 'oh yea, uh-huh, ummmm, she's really cute. . .' cricket, cricket. Not this one- she is straight angel.
Well tomorrow will be the big bed reveal. . . I know, I know, try to calm yourself. I'm determined to make my husband set up the bed frame that has been sitting on our floor for the past 5 nights. My toes are tired of being stubbed twice a night for my bathroom runs in the dark. And I don't feel bad at all when it makes a huge crashing noise and a bad word slips out and jolts Taft out of his sleep.


Heidi said...

Oh, you're just trying to make me wish I'd done the class! It's kind of working... I can't wait to see the finished product!

Karyn said...

The bones picture is nasty. The quilting sounds awesome. I have heard of the shop, but never been there... now I must go! Have you done anything with the darling little desk yet?! What a crafty-glam life you live!