March 25, 2010


Yesterday when Taft came home from work, he greeted me with his usual kiss, and asked me if my hair was wet. It wasn't. Just greasy, or as my esthetics teacher liked to say, greazy. I suddenly felt like that scene out of 'Baby Mama.'
"Is that poop or chocolate?"
-insert taste test-

Only I would have been the poop child.

So I showered.

Why was I even more unshowered than usual? The babe has been sick AGAIN! This week it was days and days of 102-103 temp and overall grouchers.

A wicked fever, rash, and a little webMD later, turns out the wee one had Roseola. lame. Did you know when your baby gets a really high fever, they can have a febril seizure (jude didn't, I just know because it's a risk you run when you catch a bad-a virus like roseola)? And I quote,

"The seizure may last only a few seconds or 15 (very long) minutes. (If it lasts longer than a few minutes, call 911.)"

Are you kidding me? Who is going to watch their baby have a seizure for a FEW minutes before they call 911? Who writes this stuff? Babyless monsters?

Enough with the questions, time to disinfect my house.


Alex said...

Oh Bobby. I'm not sure if I feel worse for you or for Jude. Get better like right now!

Lindsay said...

yes. babyless monsters. who else would do that!

Carol and Tyler said...

hahahahha. Sick babies are perhaps the worst things in the world. Or injured babies. Those are bad too. Here's to a speedy recovery; we'll be humming "Hey, Jude" in his honor.

Sarah Culp said...

A) Jude is just too cute getting his Santa Bubbles on

B) It is the worst to have a sick kid (I only have one experience with this, since Jacob is only 7 months, but it was the worst!! . . . that one time)

C) Jude is just seriously SO cute!

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