February 23, 2009


I know, it's almost March. I have been taking it really easy and I don't have much to show for myself.
We are going to play a game my blog knows well, catch up.
Christmas Catch Up, to be exact.

And a note to the fam, Taft and I didn't take any pictures over Christmas, so if you gave me photos, you're blogged, if you didn't, don't go saying I'm playing favorites- it's your fault.
(These are in no particular order and I'm too lazy to rearrange them)

'Diary of a Mad 3 Year Old'
Elise found a baby snowsuit and decided to run around the house like a crazy, but she didn't want anyone taking her pictures. Lauren jumped out and stole one, and I think Elise is going to eat her for it. The snowsuit looks like it could have been mine, but that is how we roll at our house.
Lauren and I worked all week to teach these two the 'Sisters' song from 'White Christmas' as a surprise present for their mom (it's her favorite). These gowns were created about 15 minutes before the surprise performance by your truly. . . L helped. It was such a hit! I couldn't have been more proud. They knew all the words and even had the coordinated dance moves to go with it!
P.S. If you make the picture big, you can check out the AWESOME present L made for our parents this year. It's the frame with all the of the grandkids silhouettes. She's pretty much the bomb, and made my giftcards look lame.

She acted like she didn't know any of the words until she got this magical ensemble on. Then she couldn't stop posing.

Sunday morning photo shoot. Claire feels really awkward smiling for pictures, so we tried putting marshmallows in her mouth to make it look like she was smiling. She hated it and we are cruel.

A lot of us went ice skating. This little lady is from L.A. and the only ice she knows is in her drink. Good thing she is so stubborn because every time she fell, she just kept getting back up and by the end, she was out on her own.

I know, I am a ghost. We went to see the Temple lights.

There were only a couple of families over on Christmas Eve, but we managed a nativity pretty well.

Christmas morning, Jenny's girls got these Sesame Streetish puppets. It was the highlight of my Christmas watching Livvy react to this monster. . . we are cruel.

This Christmas was probably my favorite. We kept things really simple and family oriented with the recession and economic situation. We really only did presents for the kids (and their favorites were my 3-d books from the dollar store!). It was so nice to sit home on Christmas Eve and wrap presents for the young ones while watching 'It's a wonderful life' with my dad. Usually the girls are running to the mall last minute to get presents.

After Utah, we got to spend some time with Taft's family in San Diego. Once again, no pictures, but it was so nice to go out and see everyone. It really made me miss the west coast. Insert tears here. Someday. . . Someday I will not be so cold.

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