September 14, 2008


Austin introduced us to a cool way to see 3-D photographs or "stereoscopes". To make it work, click on a picture and then cross your eyes so that the pictures overlap. Focus your eyes when the overlapping pictures match up in the middle. At that point you should be looking at a 3-D picture. If you're having trouble getting it to work, try moving the picture further away from you (so it looks smaller). Don't get angry if you can't get it to work; not everyone can do it. Here are a few stereoscopes that Austin made when we were on vacation at Catalina Island, CA.


Paul jones said...

After I was confused on how to do the stereoscope my eyes got hurt, I never got it to work.

Lauren said...

Is this a trick-I totally can't get it to work. And we all know I cross my eyes really well!