April 08, 2008

Once again. . .Food

With spring finally arriving, Chicago has come alive. The number of people on the streets reminds me of the weeds that just spring up in the hundreds. It has been a blast for Taft and I to discover more of Chicago. I swear, I love every new restaurant and store we discover. So here is a little of what we have been up to.

This is our favorite Italian place that we discovered with my parents when we first moved here. I always remembered it because we ordered a couple things, and then found that the bread and butter was so good we filled up on that and ended up boxing the food. Sounds weird I know, but you will have to try it for yourself. . . 'Leonas'

Seriously, notice the empty butter dish. Don't get too disgusted though, I didn't polish it off by myself. And sorry about the pictures of us just shoving food into our faces. I really don't like smiling for pictures while I'm eating, it makes me want to do a fat voice.

Ahhh, Molly's. I passed this adorable cupcake shop on the way to work everyday and I finally had enough. I came home and told Taft we had to go. It is sooo cute inside. I keep wanting to take pictures but everytime we go I can't really snap any shots without looking like a crazy tourist. One day. . .

I don't love this picture, but please take notice that instead of sitting on your average bar stool, I'm swinging from the ceiling. . . (insert fat voice here) and smiling.

This is my dangerous new hobby I have gotten into lately. Baking. I swore I would never become one of those wives, but I am. I just really wanted some solid recipes under my belt, and I had always wanted to make chocolate souffle, so I went for it. They actually turned out really well. This one was an extra that had already sunk when I remembered to take the picture. I was actually pretty impressed with how much they rose. As for how I liked it. Meh. Yea it was fun to make, but I think I'm just a brownies type a girl.

And last but not least, only for those real chocolate lovers, the finale. If you are a true 'death by chocolate' lover, then this cake is for you. I found this frosting recipe (I don't know if I should really call it frosting because it is seriously more like fudge) on the martha stewart website. I used a bunt cake recipe for the cake which it made it really moist and thick. This has pretty much completed my baking faze. And after reading over this entry I know what you are probably thinking- my life consists of food, food, and more food. Pretty much. But rest in peace tonight knowing that I did finally join a gym. Maybe my entries will start to vary in content.


Stephanie said...

You know you have to post that frosting recipe!!!! MMMMMMMM

The Linthorsts said...

Oh Bobby! How about instead of passing over the recipe, just come over and make that cake for me! Sounds good! Love the souffle dishes by the way. See you Friday?!

4Slyce said...

wow, you guys must be getting fat...:)

Youngquist Family said...

Food. There's nothing wrong with posting pictures of you eating it. I'll just wait to view them after my meal. It's a good thing to enjoy the finer things in life. You must check out http://morganmoore.typepad.com/one_more_moore/
It's the blog of a neighbor from UCLA and she is the next Martha Stewart. On the right hand column of her page she posts great recipes. Looking forward to your visit. Your cake looked beautiful...my half birthday is coming up this next month. Jennie

Angie said...

If you keep up posts like this I'll recategorize your blog in my favorites to the food blog folder. Here is one that you will enjoy: http://mykitchencafe.blogspot.com/