October 07, 2007

Contributing to Society

Taft works as an associate economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. The bank is located downtown in the loop, in what they call the financial district. He claims he is just a glorified research assistant but I know he is much more. The economists he works for have already been impressed and they will be sad to see him leave when it is graduate school time.


Jenny said...

You need to update your blogging. You've had seven profile views and I've been four of them!!

Laura said...

Taft and Bobby-

I am such a blog hopper. And luckily, I happened upon your blog! You guys are in chicago! That is crazy! keep in touch


Stephanie said...

Yeah, another fellow blogger!!!

Andy Thomas said...

I don't think you guys are allowed to talk about leaving yet. I have herd about some spectacular halloween costumes and can't wait to see what shows up at the party this friday.

Anonymous said...

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